About The Savvy Robot

(in a poor robot voice) Thank. You. Very. Much. For. Stopping. By. To. Learn. About. The. Savvy. Robot.

The Savvy Robot has been programmed to create fun designs and interesting blog posts! Please do not worry, it has not been programmed to become self-aware!

But in all seriousness, The Savvy Robot is a creative outlet for random designs. Some of the designs original, while others make use of purchased assets to create a unique design. Most of these have come at the request of friends and family.

The Savvy Robot is also a blog (haha because why not!), that I hope to use as a way to dive into the world of print on demand. But, my posts will not be limited to just print on demand, I think it will be useful to include more technical "how to" posts (e.g. how to set up a site). If you would like to learn more about the origin of the The Savvy Robot, please check out the blog post: A Savvy Robot Is Born.

Another thing I encourage you to check out is The Savvy Robot's Disclosure Statement. This page goes into details about how The Savvy Robot makes use of affiliate links.

If you ever want to get in contact, please feel free to reach out to The Savvy Robot or follow The Savvy Robot on Twitter and/or Instagram!